"In FaerieLand there is a place called ‘Sidhe Comhairle’ (pronounced ‘Shee Corla’) and wisdom it bestowed, to habitate alongside nature in the enchanted forest in The Dome.”

Things To Do

Come and relax at The Dome, where nature and adventure are all around you. Activities to satisfy every interest await, just outside the door…Hike Sunshine Coast Trail from the front door


1. WILDLIFE SIGHTINGS are part of the fun at The Dome, and in surrounding areas. Hummingbirds, bald eagles, blue herons, cormorants, elephant seals, sea lions, ospreys, sea otters, loons, mink, deer, and owls – to name a few – will be your companions. Enjoy observing migrations from the Arctic to the southern hemisphere. You may even have the chance to see killer whale pods, dolphins or porpoises.


Photo by Lorrie Pirart

2. Dig your own clams and pick your own oysters, or do a little fishing – FRESH SEAFOOD from the local area.

3. Experience this CANOEING and KAYAKING paradise. Paddle Okeover Marine Park and examine native pictographs on rock faces skirting the inlet. Glide through shimmering, sheltered waters up to Desolation Sound Marine Park, one of the most popular kayaking spots in BC. The area is rimmed with glaciers and waterfalls, and laced with a myriad of magical, steep-sided inlets and fjords. In the summer months, you will enjoy a comfortable 72 degrees F water temperature. Wildlife abounds.

Visit the Copeland Islands Marine Park (locally known as the Ragged Islands). Drift past moss and lichen-covered rocky bluffs, just outside the Lund Harbour area. South of Powell River take the time to explore Jervis Inlet, and the stunningly beautiful Hotham Sound.


4. Do you like the water? There are a plethora of great spots for SWIMMING and SNORKELLING close by. Explore the kelp beds and starfish at low tide with your snorkel. Take a day trip to Savary Island – BC’s “tropical isle,” famous for its sandy white beaches. Soak in ocean waters warmed at high tide by the sun-baked sand. Savary Island is 15 minutes from Lund Harbour by water taxi, or one hour by kayak or canoe.

5. June through September, PICK BLACKBERRIES, salmonberries, and huckleberries right outside The Dome.


Photo by Lorrie Pirart7. The local area is host to many excellent HIKING – Terra Centric Coastal Adventures offers Guided Hikes and Walking Tours, as well as a full program of Guided Boat Tours into Desolation Sound and Mittlenatch Island – and MOUNTAIN BIKING trails, and some are accessible right from The Dome. Wind your way through old growth forests, scattered with stunning seascapes and glimpses of snow-capped mountains. Discover exquisite coastal wildflowers that flourish in the long growing season of the coast (March through mid-summer).

The Sunshine Coast Trail, easily accessed from The Dome, stretches 110 miles from Saltery Bay at the southern tip of the peninsula all the way to Sarah Point, which juts into Desolation Sound Marine Park.

Handbooks and trail information are available at The Dome, the Powell River Visitor’s Bureau, and the local Forestry Office. Footprints Nature Explorations also offer guided hikes.


Carving at the dome

8. ROCK CLIMBING – more than 1,000 climbs on our upper Sunshine Coast.

9. GOLF at Myrtle Point Golf Course, an 18-hole, 7000-yard championship gold course, complete with clubhouse and lounge.

10. Ocean and freshwater SPORTFISHING and SIGHTSEEING. Enjoy world class salmon fishing, and excellent trout fishing in local lakes. Skippered boat charter companies offer trips on a variety of vessels.

Photo by Lorrie Pirart - Photos for sale

Photo by Lorrie Pirart

11. Powell River is one of the world’s most spectacular SCUBA DIVING hotspots! Our emerald green waters are bursting with marine life. Explore shipwrecks, underwater caves, reefs, and more in more than 100 unique diving sites. Experience exceptional visibility in winter months (100+ feet).

12. PLACES TO EAT near The Dome:

  • The Laughing Oyster: A romantic restaurant perched above breathtaking Okeover Inlet. The dining room faces the wonderful snow-capped peaks of Desolation Sound. Truly gourmet!
  • Nancy’s Bakery is a favourite gathering spot, spring through fall. It is located in the heart of Lund Harbour. Try the Cappuccino/Espresso, breads, butter tarts, brownies and baguettes. Creative pizza too!
  • The Historic Lund Hotel is more than 100 years old, and recently restored. There is a dining room and bistro, a post office and general store with a deli. Enjoy a beautiful view of the harbour while you relax on the deck of the pub.


Or just relax and rest in the secluded privacy of The Dome…everything you need for a break from the rest of the world. Come, and enjoy!

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