"In FaerieLand there is a place called ‘Sidhe Comhairle’ (pronounced ‘Shee Corla’) and wisdom it bestowed, to habitate alongside nature in the enchanted forest in The Dome.”



“I thought it would be impossible to improve on nature. I was wrong! Heaven doesn’t seem that far away once you have stayed at The Dome.”

Standard Rates (year round)

$195 per night, double occupancy
$25 for each additional person

Plus 15% (Provincial and Federal taxes)

                                                3 night minimum stay May to mid-Sept, 5 night July & Aug

Payment in full at time of booking   Cancellation Policy Strict  – 30 days prior to booking.  If you cancel and we are able to rebook, we give you a full refund.

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We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Paypal, e-transfers

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Please contact us to book or you have any questions.

The Magical Dome
Roisin Sheehy-Culhane
P.O. Box 190
Lund, B.C.
V0N 2G0

Phone: 604-483-9160
Email: lundmagicaldome@gmail.com