"In FaerieLand there is a place called ‘Sidhe Comhairle’ (pronounced ‘Shee Corla’) and wisdom it bestowed, to habitate alongside nature in the enchanted forest in The Dome.”

Getting Here

How to get here from Vancouver, British Columbia:  10273 Sarah Point Road (Note **Google** directions not accurate for this address)

Only five hours with two scenic ferry trips and minimal driving
(one fare covers both ferries; check with BC Ferries for current schedules)

Also accessible from Vancouver Island, via the Comox Ferry Route

Thirty minutes by air from Vancouver Airport


1. Take the Langdale Ferry from Horseshoe Bay in North Vancouver to Langdale on the Sunshine Coast (crossing time approximately 40 minutes).

2. Take Highway 101 North through Sechelt to Earl’s Cove (an approximate 1.5 hour’s drive).

3. Take the Earl’s Cove Ferry to Saltery Bay (crossing time approximately 50 minutes).

4. Continue on Highway 101 North to Powell River (a 30 minute drive). Here you will find shopping malls, liqour store, supermarkets etc.

5. Follow the signs from Powell River to Lund (another 30 minute drive). You will travel through Historic Townsite, then cross a small bridge over the Powell River and continue up the hill through the community of Wildwood. Keep driving through the Coast Salish village of Tla’Amin , (please respect the 30 km per hour speed limit here). You are now about 20 minutes from your destination. Enjoy the scenic winding road until you come to the one and only (now closed) gas station in Lund. Turn right on Finn Bay Road, pass the Lund Community Gazebo (on your right hand side) and turn right on Baggi Road.

At the top of Baggi Road you will see a sign pointing left to Sarah Point Road, Baggi Bottoms Farm and The Dome. Turn left, and after a short drive (maybe 1 km) you’ll see 10145 –  Baggi Bottoms Farm on the left. Watch carefully  – next driveway on left has a white post, flower box beside it, with address sign #10273 (and others).  Turn left down a small road, very soon you will see another white post at another driveway pointing to 10273, Magical Dome. Don’t give up now, you’re almost there! The next driveway to your left is The Dome!

Congratulations, you have found the hide-out ! If you do happen to get lost, please phone us at 604-4839160. We’ll be waiting for you!

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Sign at Magical Dome Driveway
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