"In FaerieLand there is a place called ‘Sidhe Comhairle’ (pronounced ‘Shee Corla’) and wisdom it bestowed, to habitate alongside nature in the enchanted forest in The Dome.”

About Us

Roisin and Phil inside the Magical Dome

Both Phil and I (Roisin) have lived many lives. Phil was born in Belfast, Ireland and sailed the world in the merchant marine for a number of years, then lived twelve years in Ontario and two years in Vancouver.

I (Roisin) was born in Vancouver, moved to Quebec as a child and then my father took my mum, my sister and I back to his country of origin, Ireland, where I lived until I was eighteen. I then made the reverse trip. Eloped to Montreal where I lived for four years (and two children), then Vancouver in 1967 (and two more children). I left my home of twenty-three years in North Burnaby (Vancouver) to move here with Phil. …And we have never looked back!

In 1993 we decided to make the move out of the city. I had been living in Vancouver since 1967 and Phil had moved out to B.C. from Ontario in 1992. We renovated a garage on our rental property off Commercial Drive, sold our home in North Burnaby and moved into the garage while we looked for property. Our search for a new home took us all over Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and here to Lund, at the end of the coastal road, where we settled in November 1994.

Owl at Magical DomeWe found this place by accident. We had come to Dinner Rock Park outside of Lund, to camp out for ten days. Our puppy ‘Chucky’ must have put her nose in a wasp’s nest because the poor thing got stung all over her face. We drove in to Lund to find a vet. Luckily a woman who worked at the hotel had previously worked for a vet and was able to help us. Then we looked around Lund and liked it. We reasoned that it just made sense to look at some real estate as we were here.

So, every morning we’d shower at the Government Dock in Powell River and cruise the real estate offices. We saw one property where the house had a fantastic view. It was a three-story octaganol building with sliding doors three feet apart on every floor! No wiring, no plumbing, no well……we put in an offer and it was refused. In immediate retrospect we were relieved! And if you like interesting real estate stories, ask us about the Jesus/Elvis house…..

Then we spotted this property being advertised in the local real estate paper. We contacted the agent and she didn’t want to drive out here to show it. She asked us to have a look and if we were interested to call her. Well, the rest is history, as the story goes.

When we were searching for our new home the real-estate agents would ask me, “And what is important to you in a house?”… I would reply, “A bathtub with a view.” They would titter and say, “Well, of course, but what is really important?” (pointing out ads for ‘woman-friendly kitchens’ !!), and I would repeat “A bathtub with a view.”

campfireWe found this house and property after six months of searching and it did have “A BATHTUB WITH A VIEW!” Not an ocean view as I originally wanted, but a beautiful forest view which we have grown to truly love.

We named our home “Tobhar na Macha,” which means “The Well of Macha.” You’ll have to ask us to tell you the story that goes with that name.

Neither of us knew what we were going to do for a living when we arrived. One thing we knew for certain, we WOULD NOT get involved in tourism! Life does play its little jokes, doesn’t it? However, we never feel like we’re involved in tourism. We may have moved out of the city and what some would consider the mainstream of life, but the Dome brings an amazing world of people here. We truly believe that the magic of the Dome calls people. We see the Dome as a gift to us that we are meant to share with others. It’s not possible to bottle, package and market the magic. Nor can we truly explain it. And….although everyone experiences the magic in their own way, everyone who comes is touched.

Since coming here we have explored a variety of paths and ways of being.   In 2010 I opened Great Balls of Wool in Powell River.  https://greatballsofwool.ca/  

By April 2021 I intend to have my studio open behind my house, close to Magical Dome.  I will have a collection of favourite yarns for sale and my finished wearable art pieces  (RSCKnits Original) featuring my knitting designs.  There will be classes and workshops happening.

Phil and I  both studied Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki with Reiki Master Rick Bockner of Cortes Island. In September 09 Phil was initiated as a Reiki Master/Teacher while I am a level 2 practitioner.

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